A downloadable game for Windows

FishOut is a game which tests your observation skills and mouse control.

In this game you control a fish with your mouse pointer who is in a sea-like environment where there is a little space or room to move. In this game you have to collect small fishes for points while being aware of the stones and bottles falling from above and the sharks roaming behind the small fishes. The more you score,  the game gets harder.



Music and Sound Effects :- Sean Garavan

Art :- Welliton Souza(See his works at https://wellzitu.itch.io)

Programming:- Ayushman Bilas Thakur 

A game made with Gamemaker:Studio 1.4


FishOut, A game made for GameDevNetwork: Dragon Jam

P.S:- Some artworks were changed a bit... So they might not match with the screenshots!


FishOut.zip 14 MB
FishOut.exe 14 MB
FishOut-direct.exe 13 MB